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13 — Conclusion

In the preceding pages we have examined three alternatives for extracting information we are interested in from RSS documents, and presenting that information in a Flash movie. Which way is best? I leave that to you to decide for yourself. Personally, I think the first version (recursive with arrays) is the easiest to understand. I think the third (XPath) is the easiest to implement. I think the middle one (recursive without arrays) is the fastest. You can decide which you want to go with. I hope you found this tutorial helpful, and I can’t wait to see what variations you come up with!

Here is one last opportunity to download the project files. Remember - the download includes working examples of all three approaches. And also remember that because of the PHP proxy script these probably won’t work until you upload them to a web server.


I offer you two examples of RSS readers that proved inspirational to me as I was starting this project. You might enjoy seeing how others have developed the idea of a ’blog reader:


Here is a re-cap of the web pages that were referenced in the preceding pages of this tutorial:

  1. RSS
  2. PHP
  3. Flash
    1. Security Sandbox
    2. Recursive Technique
    3. Understanding XML in Flash
    4. Specialized XML techniques
    5. Delegate Class
    6. Customizing Components
  4. XPath
  5. Misc.
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